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SIG Alumni and Friends

Past Doctoral and Postdoctoral Students

(in chronological order)
Ching-Te Grace Chiu Ching-Te Grace Chiu, "VLSI Algorithms and Architectures for Transform Codings with Applications to Real-Time Video Communications", University of Maryland, 1992. (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan)
Manolis Frantzeskakis Manolis Frantzeskakis, "An Architectural Framework for VLSI Time-Recursive Computation with Applications", (co-supervised) University of Maryland, 1993. (Broadcom/Founder&CEO, Hermes Technology)
An-Yeu Andy Wu An-Yeu Andy Wu (IEEE Fellow), "Algorithm-Based Low-Power Digital Signal Processing System Designs", University of Maryland, 1995. (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
Hongyi Wang Hongyi Wang, "Signal Processing Techniques for Increasing Channel Capacity in Wireless Communications", University of Maryland, 1996. (Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, Whippany)
Ye Geoffrey Li Ye Geoffrey Li (IEEE Fellow), Postdoctoral research, 1994 - 1996. (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Ut-Va Koc Ut-Va Koc, "Low Complexity and High Throughput Fully DCT-Based Motion Compensated Video Coders", University of Maryland, 1996. (Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill)
Ying-Chang Liang Ying-Chang Liang (IEEE Fellow), postdoctoral research, 1996. (University of Sydney/University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)
Huai Li Huai Li, "Model-Based Image Processing Techniques for Breast Cancer Detection in Digital Mammography", University of Maryland, 1997. (CosmosID)
Balaji Sampath Balaji Sampath, "Subspace Approaches for Blind Equalization and Identification", University of Maryland, 1997. (A founder of Association for India's Development, he devotes his life for unfortunate people in poor villages of India and was a winner of MIT's Global Indus Technovator Award in 2006.)
Farrokh Rashid-Farrokhi Farrokh Rashid-Farrokhi, "Combined Power Control and Space-Time Diversity in Cellular Communications", University of Maryland, 1997. (Bell Labs, Murray Hill)
Jie Chen Jie Chen (IEEE Fellow), "Low Power Architecture and VLSI Design of Video Coding Systems", University of Maryland, 1998. (University of Alberta, Canada)
Arun Raghupathy Arun Raghupathy, "Low Power and High Speed Algorithms and VLSI Architectures for Error Control Coding and Adaptive Video Scaling", University of Maryland, 1998. (Co-Founder, VP Engineering, NextNav)
Javad Razavilar Javad Razavilar , "Signal Processing and Performance Analysis for Optimal Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks", University of Maryland, 1998. (Intel)
Haitao Zheng Haitao Zheng (IEEE Fellow), "Robust Communication Framework for Multimedia Data by Exploring Unequal Error Protection", University of Maryland, 1999. (University of Chicago)
P. John Hsu P. John Hsu, "Algorithms for Low Bit Rate Visual Communication Systems", University of Maryland, 1999. (Microsoft)
Jie Song Jie Song, "Optimal Rate Allocation and Security Schemes for Image and Video Transmission over Wireless Channels", University of Maryland, 2000. (Availink)
Xiaowen Wang Xiaowen Wang, "Robust Channel Estimation for Multicarrier Modulation Systems", University of Maryland, 2000. (Apple)
Alejandra Mercado Alejandra Mercado, "Adaptive Quality of Service for Integrated Multimedia over Wireless Networks", University of Maryland, 2001. (University of Maryland)
Wade Trappe Wade Trappe (IEEE Fellow), "Multi-User Security: A Signal Processing and Networking Perspective", University of Maryland, 2002. (Rutgers University)
Nitin Chandrachoodan Nitin Chandrachoodan, "Performance Analysis and Hierarchical Timing for DSP System Synthesis", (co-supervised) University of Maryland, 2002. (Indian Institute of Technology, Madras)
Zoltan Safar Zoltan Safar, "Efficient Coding and Decoding Methods for Multi-Antenna Wireless Communication Systems", University of Maryland, 2003. (University of Maryland)
Charles Barnett Charles Barnett, "Efficient, Reliable, and Secure Source Authentication Schemes for Realtime Multicast", University of Maryland, 2003. (VP - Engineering, Hughes Networks Systems)
Masoud Olfat Masoud Olfat, "Spatial Processing, Power Control, and Channel Allocation for OFDM over Wireless Communications", University of Maryland, 2003. (LightSquared)
Zhu Han Zhu Han (IEEE Fellow), "An Optimization Theoretical Framework for Resource Allocation over Wireless Communications", University of Maryland, 2003. (University of Houston)
Yan Lindsay Sun Yan Lindsay Sun (IEEE Fellow), "Multiuser Security for Multicast Communications", University of Maryland, 2004. (University of Rhode Island)
Z. Jane Wang Z. Jane Wang (IEEE Fellow), Postdoctoral research, 2002 - 2004. (University of British Columbia, Canada)
Larry Younkins Larry Younkins, "On the Performance of Multi-Antenna Techniques for Spatially and Temporally Correlated Wireless Channels", University of Maryland, 2004. (Applied Physics Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University)
Hong Vicky Zhao Hong Vicky Zhao, "Multimedia Fingerprinting for Multiuser Forensics and Security", University of Maryland, 2004. (Tsinghua University)
Weifeng Su Weifeng Su (IEEE Fellow), Postdoctoral research, 2002 - 2005. (State University of New York, Buffalo)
Wipawee Pam Siriwongpairat Wipawee Pam Siriwongpairat, "Cross-Layer Design for Multi-Antenna Ultra-Wideband Systems", University of Maryland, 2005. (Meteor Communications)
Charles Pandana Charles Pandana, "Resource and Environment Aware Sensor Communications and Networking: Framework, Optimization, and Applications", University of Maryland, 2005. (Marvell)
Chaiyod Pirak Chaiyod Pirak, "Spatial Interference Cancellation and Channel Estimation for MIMO Wireless Communication Systems", Chulalongkorn University, (Co-Adviser), Bangkok, 2005. (King Mongkut Institute of Technology, Thailand)
Thanongsak Kee Himsoon Thanongsak Kee Himsoon, "Differential Modulation for Broadband Space-Time/Cooperative Wireless Communications", University of Maryland, 2006. (Meteor Communications)
Wei Yu Wei Yu, "Securing Wireless Ad Hoc Networks under Noise and Imperfect Monitoring", University of Maryland, 2006. (Microsoft)
Andres Kwasinski Andres Kwasinski, Postdoctoral research, 2004 - 2006. (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Zhu Jim Ji Zhu Jim Ji, "Game Theoretical Framework for Cooperation in Autonomous Wireless Networks", University of Maryland, 2007. (Apple)
Ahmed Sadek Ahmed Sadek, "Cross-Layer Design for Cooperative Communications and Networking", University of Maryland, 2007. (Qualcomm)
Peng Qiu Peng Qiu, "Model-Based Genomic/Proteomic Signal Processing in Cancer Diagnosis and Prediction", University of Maryland, 2007. (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Karim Seddik Karim Seddik, "Diversity in Cooperative Networks: How to Achieve and Where to Exploit?", University of Maryland, 2008. (American University in Egypt)
Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed Ibrahim, "Relay Deployment and Selection in Cooperation Wireless Networks", University of Maryland, 2009. (Florida International University)
Beibei Wang Beibei Wang, "Dynamic Spectrum Allocation and Sharing in Cognitive Cooperative Networks", University of Maryland, 2009. (Origin Wireless)
Wan-Yi Sabrina Lin Wan-Yi Sabrina Lin, "Behavior Modeling and Forensics for Multimedia Social Networks", University of Maryland, 2009. (IBM Research - T.J. Watson)
Amr El-Sherif Amr El-Sherif, "Cognitive Multiple Access for Cooperative Communications and Networking", University of Maryland, 2009. (Alexandria University, Egypt)
Yongle Wu Yongle Wu, "Game-Theoretic Strategies for Dynamic Behavior in Cognitive Radio Networks", University of Maryland, 2010. (Qualcomm)
Nathan Goergen Nathan Goergen, "Extrinsic Channel-Like Fingerprinting for Transmitter Authentication in Wireless Systems", University of Maryland, 2011. (National Security Agency)
Hung-Quoc Lai Hung-Quoc Lai, "Wireless Network COCAST: Cooperative Communications with Space-Time Network Coding", University of Maryland, 2011. (Origin Wireless)
Yan Chen Yan Chen, "Multimedia Social Networks: Game Theoretic Modeling and Equilibrium Analysis", University of Maryland, 2011. (University of Science and Technology of China)
Steve Tjoa Steve Tjoa, "Sparse and Nonnegative Factorizations for Music Understanding", University of Maryland, 2011. (Google)
Zhenzhen Gao Zhenzhen Gao, "Differential and Secure Transmission Techniques in Cooperative Communication Systems", Xi'an Jiao Tong University, (Co-Adviser), 2011. (Xi'an Jiao Tong University)
Matthew Stamm Matthew Stamm, "Digital Multimedia Forensics and Anti-Forensics", University of Maryland, 2012. (Drexel University)
Chunxiao Jiang Chunxiao Jiang, "Game theoretic Methods for Spectrum Resource Allocations in Cognitive Radio Networks", Tsinghua University, (Co-Adviser), 2012. (Tsinghua University)
Wei Guan Wei Guan, "Cooperative Communications with Wireless Network Coding", University of Maryland, 2013. (Google)
Biling Zhang Biling Zhang, "Spectrum Sharing Strategies for Cognitive Radio Networks", Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications, (Co-Adviser), 2013. (Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications)
Chih-Yu Tomky Wang Chih-Yu Tomky Wang, "Game-Theoretic Resource Management in Wireless Networks", National Taiwan University, (Co-Advisor), 2013. (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
Feng Han Feng Han, "Energy Efficiency Optimization in Green Wireless Communications", University of Maryland, 2013. (Qualcomm)
Yu-Han Yang Yu-Han Yang, "Waveform Design and Network Selection in Wideband Small Cell Network", University of Maryland, 2013. (Google)
Yang Gao Yang Gao, "On the Design and Analysis of Incentive Mechanisms in Network Science", University of Maryland, 2014. (Facebook)
Tong Zhou Tong Zhou, "Cooperative Precoding and Interference Coordination in Cellular Systems", Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications, (Co-Adviser), 2014. (Samsung)
Xiaoyu Chu Xiaoyu Chu, "Fundamental Limits in Multimedia Forensics and Anti-Forensics", University of Maryland, 2015. (Google)
Hang Ma Hang Ma, "Compressive Quantization for Scalable Cloud Radio Access Networks", University of Maryland, 2016. (Google)
Yi Han Yi Han, "Time-Reversal Massive Multipath Effect and Bandwidth Heterogeneity", University of Maryland, 2016. (Origin Wireless)
Wei Li Wei Li, "Research on Multi-User Communication Schemes and Stochastic Energy Harvesting Communication Technologies in Two-Way Relay Networks, Xi'an Jiao Tung University, (Co-Adviser), 2016. (Chang'an University)
Zhung-Han Wu Zhung-Han Wu, "Time-Reversal Indoor Positioning System and Medium Access Control", University of Maryland, 2016. (Origin Wireless)
Xuanyu Cao Xuanyu Cao, "User Behavior Analysis and Data Trading in Multi-Agent Systems", University of Maryland, 2017. (Princeton University)
Chen Chen Chen Chen, "Radio Analytics for Indoor Localization and Vital Sign Monitering", University of Maryland, 2017. (Pinterest)
Qinyi Xu Qinyi Xu, "Radio Analytics for Indoor Monitoring and Human Recognition", University of Maryland, 2018. (Facebook)
Feng Zhang Feng Zhang, "Radio Analytics for Human Activity Monitoring and Indoor Tracking", University of Maryland, 2018. (Amazon)
Xiaolu Zeng Xiaolu Zeng, "Target Localization Based on Time Reversal Signal Processing", Xidian University, (Co-Advisor), 2020. (University of Maryland)

Past Visiting Scholars

(in alphabetical order)
Jae-Min AhnJae-Min Ahn, Chungnam National University, South Korea
Mehdi Alasti Mehdi Alasti, Postdoctoral research, 2003. (Sprint Nextel)
Kazunori Hayashi Kazunori Hayashi, Kyoto University, Japan
Innho Jee Innho Jee, Hongik University, South Korea
Yanxiang Jiang Yanxiang Jiang, Southeast University, China
Xiangui KangXiangui Kang, Sun Yat-Sen University, China
Willy KuMeng-Lin Ku, National Central University, Taiwan
Raymond KwongRaymond Kwong, University of Toronto, Canada
Xin LiaoXin Liao, Hunan University, China
Hao LuHao Lu, University of Science and Technology of China, China
Kazuyuki MatsumotoKazuyuki Matsumoto, Rikkyo University, Japan
Jungho MyungJungho Myung, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), South Korea
Wangrok OhWangrok Oh, Chungnam National University, South Korea
Phillip RegaliaPhillip Regalia, Catholic University of America, USA
Yong RenYong Ren, Tsinghua University, China
Young-Keum SongYoung-Keum Song, Hanyang University, Korea
Lee SwindlehurstLee Swindlehurst, University of California, Irvine
Yichen WangYichen Wang, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China
Sha WeiSha Wei, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Liang XiaoLiang Xiao, Xiamen University, China
Ke XiongKe Xiong, Beijing Jiaotong University, China
Yu YangYu Yang, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China
Chanho YoonChanho Yoon, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), South Korea
Jung-Lang YuJung-Lang Yu, Fu-Jen Catholic University, Taiwan
Lin ZhangLin Zhang, Sun Yat-Sen University, China
Xinshan ZhuXinshan Zhu, Tianjin University, China