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Recent Group Photos

Spring 2022

Yuqian and Deepika's commencement
Dr. Liu Yuqian Deepika1 Dr. Liu Yuqian Deepika2 Dr. Liu Yuqian Deepika3

Summer 2021

Dr. Liu and Chenshu Wu
Dr. Liu and Chenshu
Dr. Liu and Fengyu Wang
Dr. Liu and Fengyu

Spring 2021

Photo Album for Dr. Liu's 60th Birthday Celebration - A collection of photos from alumni.

Fall 2020

Cyrus, born on Oct 15, 2020. Son of Yi Han.
Yi's son

Summer 2020

Ethan, born on Aug. 14th, 2020. Son of Xiaoyu Chu. His nickname is 豆包(儿).
Xiaoyu's Baby 1Xiaoyu's Baby 2

Spring 2020

Ian, born on March 3rd, 2020. Son of Hang Ma
Hang's son

Fall 2019

Thanksgiving Party
Thanksgiving Party

Spring 2019

Chunxiao Jiang received an award from President Xi at Great Hall of the People (人民大会堂)
National Award

Winter 2018

Year End Party
Year End Party
Qinyi's commencement
Qinyi's commencement

Fall 2018

Thanksgiving Party
Thanksgiving Party
Beibei Wang's second daughter, Nora
Beibei's second daughter
Xiaoyu Chu's Wedding
Xiaoyu Chu's Wedding
Matthew Stamm's son, Owen
Matthew Stamm's sonMatthew Stamm's sonMatthew Stamm's son

Summer 2018

Feng Han's second child, Joy, a lovely baby girl
Joy at BirthAlex and Joy
Dinner for Qinyi graduation & Chen farewell at Nava Thai, Jun 20.

Spring 2017

Son of Wei Li
Dinner with alumnus at Mr B's Bistro, ICASSP 2017, New Orleans.
Son of Yang Gao, born on Feburary 14, 2017.

Fall 2016

Thanksgiving Dinner at Matchbox, Rockville MD
Hang and his wife at University of Maryland College Park

Summer 2016

Group Lunch at Fogo de Chao, Washington D.C.

Summer 2015

Group Dinner at Seoulia, Beltsville
Group Dinner at Seoulia, Beltsville
Angela, born on June 13, 2015. Daughter of Beibei Wang

Spring 2014

ICASSP 2014, Florence

Fall 2013

Chunxiao, Best Paper Award at Globecom 2013
Alex, born September 27, 2013. Son of Feng Han.

Spring 2013

Alumni Union at ICASSP, Vancouver, 2013

Spring 2012

Dr. Liu and Chih-Yu Wang (Visiting Student, National Taiwan University)

Fall 2011

Rohan, born October 4, 2011. Son of Wade Trappe.

Summer 2011

Group Party at Uncle Julio's
SIG Group Picture at Uncle Julio's SIG Members at Uncle Julio's Visiting student Zhenzhen Gao and Dr. Liu Visiting professor Liang Xiao and Dr. Liu Biling Zhang's family and Dr. Liu

Spring 2011

Lunch at Fogo de Chao:
waiting for the shuttle bus Fogo de Chao Fogo de Chao Fogo de Chao Fogo de Chao

Fall 2010

Yongle Wu and Prof. Ray Liu Group dinner

Spring 2010

ICASSP 2010 barbecue: current students, alumni, and friends
ICASSP 2010 dinner at Tokyo One

Summer 2009

Minh-Chau, born July 2, 2009. Daughter of Quoc Lai.

Spring 2009

Farewell dinner for Wan-Yi, Beibei, Ahmed, and Amr. May 5, 2009.
Melody, born May 22, 2009. Daughter of Zhu Han.

Summer 2008

Mira, born August 20, 2008. Daughter of Wade Trappe.
Cedric, born June 28, 2008. Son of Yan Sun.
Sophie, born June 4, 2008. Daughter of Z. Jane Wang.

Spring 2008

Linda, born March 2, 2008. Daughter of Zoltan Safar.
Adham, born March 12, 2008. Son of Ahmed Sadek.

Spring 2007

Peng Qiu, Ahmed Sadek, Prof. Ray Liu, Zhu Ji Zhu Ji Peng Qiu Ahmed Sadek
Signals and Information Group Dinner

Fall 2005

Formal dedication of the Kim Engineering Building:
Kim Engineering Building - Rotunda Kim Engineering Building - Banners Kim Engineering Building - Governor Ehrlich

Spring 2005

The new engineering building:
Kim Engineering Building - Exterior Kim Engineering Building - Plaza
Our research group:
Signals and Information Group Signals and Information Group - Cherry Blossoms Andres Kwasinski Charles Pandana Hong Zhao Johannes Thorsteinsson Wei Yu Thanongsak Himsoon Wipawee Siriwongpairat Chaiyod Pirak Zhu Han