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SIG Research

Smart Radios for Smart Life

What smart impact will future 5G and IoT bring to our lives? Many may wonder, and even speculate, but do we really know? Our recent research focus is to unlock such a mystery by developing a new radio analytics framework to provide a foundation to decipher our world.
With more and more bandwidth readily available for the next generation of wireless applications, many more smart applications/services unimaginable today may be possible. With more bandwidth, one can see many multi-paths, which can serve as hundreds of virtual antennas/sensors that can be leveraged as new degrees of freedom for smart life applications.
Together with the fundamental physical principle of time reversal to focus energy to some specific positions, or more generally by employing waveforming, a revolutionary smart radio platform can be built to enable many cutting-edge IoT applications that have been envisioned for a long time, but have never been achieved. In a certain sense, we can create an Internet of Virtual Things by creating hundreds of virtual antennas/sensors on demand to suit our purposes.


"Smart Radios for Smart Life", Plenary, IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP), New Orleans, March 7, 2017.(Plenary Talk by Dr. Liu)


  • Time-Reversal Indoor Positioning with Centimeter-Accuracy
  • Centimeter-Accuracy Indoor Positioning with WiFi
  • Infrastructure-free Indoor Tracking with Sub-meter Accuracy
  • Wireless Events Detection
  • Radio Human Biometrics
  • Wireless Vital Signs Detection
  • Device-free Wireless Monitoring
  • Wireless Power Transfer
  • A Single-antenna Massive MIMO Solution
  • MAC for 5G and beyond